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Pine-Strawberry Archaeological
And Historical Society

Historical Information on Pine and Strawberry for sale at the Museum

All items are available at the Museum during regular hours. Items are also available by mail order. Add $2.50 per item ($1.50 for the calendar) for shipping and handling.  Sorry but the museum does not accept credit cards at this time.

Send payment by check or money order made out to:

Pine-Strawberry Archaeological and Historical Society
P.O. Box 564
Pine, Arizona 85544


Family Histories Other Historical Books
Rial and Susan Allen $10.00 History of the Pine Post Office $5.00
Jonathan and Jane Allen $10.00 A Wonderful Water Power $6.00
Mendis and Sophay Cooper $7.50 A Place in the Land $5.00
Zilpha and George Earl $1o.00 Walking History Trail of Pine and Strawberry $1.00
Fullers of Pine $12.50 Pine Memories $5.00
Ellen Celest Fuller $12.50 Under One Roof (On Sale, regularly $14.95) $8.00
Lyman and Eliza Leavitt $10.00 Rim Country History Illustrated $29.95
John and Margaret Lazear $10.00
Pryor Miller and Katie Fuller $12.50 Hometown Recipe Books
Clinton Callaway Peach $12.50 Volume I $6.00
Edith Peach $12.50 Volume II $6.00
Jacob Peach Family $10.00 Buy Volume I and II together $10.00
Bert Randall $10.00


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