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Pine-Strawberry Archaeological
And Historical Society

Follow the Walking History Trail of Pine & Strawberry,
Gila County Arizona



Our Pine-Strawberry area has long been enjoyed by man. It was peopled in prehistoric times, claimed by the Apaches, criss-crossed by hunters, trappers, prospectors, and settled by pioneers in the 1870s and 1880s.

Whether these pioneers were lone families seeking a place to call home, or Mormon explorers looking for new settlement areas, they all recognized it as "cattle country."

Their first homes were simple log structures. Some of those original cabins still stand, unseen, within the walls of homes on the Walking History Trail. The century did not pass without additions and incorporations for modern facilities.

The period of initial settlement covered only a few years. The significance of which family was the first, the second, or the third to arrive is overshadowed by the caliber of all who came. They were stalwart men and women who paved the way for others who still come.

We honor them all with this

"Walking History Trail."

Places of business will welcome your entry and your questions. Home owners in residence request that you respect the privacy of property and home, and view only from the Trail. Thank you.

Produced by

In recognition of our area history and in support of
The Eagle Scout Project of John A. Boyles
Troop 427, Phoenix, Arizona
May 1988

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