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Historical Information on Pine and Strawberry for sale at the Museum

All items are available at the Museum during regular hours. Items are also available by mail order. Add $2.50 per item ($1.50 for the calendar) for shipping and handling.  Sorry but the museum does not accept credit cards at this time.

Send payment by check or money order made out to:

Pine-Strawberry Archeological and Historical Society
P.O. Box 564
Pine, Arizona 85544


Family Histories Other Historical Books
Rial and Susan Allen $10.00 History of the Pine Post Office $5.00
Jonathan and Jane Allen $10.00 A Wonderful Water Power $6.00
Mendis and Sophay Cooper $7.50 A Place in the Land $5.00
Zilpha and George Earl $1o.00 Walking History Trail of Pine and Strawberry $1.00
Fullers of Pine $12.50 Pine Memories $5.00
Ellen Celest Fuller $12.50 Under One Roof (On Sale, regularly $14.95) $8.00
Lyman and Eliza Leavitt $10.00 Rim Country History Illustrated $29.95
John and Margaret Lazear $10.00
Pryor Miller and Katie Fuller $12.50 Hometown Recipe Books
Clinton Callaway Peach $12.50 Volume I $6.00
Edith Peach $12.50 Volume II $6.00
Jacob Peach Family $10.00 Buy Volume I and II together $10.00
Bert Randall $10.00


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